Meet Our Team


Meet the Maxtec Roofing Group Executive Team

In the dynamic world of roofing, it's not just about how the job is done; it's also about the people behind the work. Their expertise, engagement, and professional approach. Maxtec is driven by numerous dedicated professionals, all eager to earn your respect and likability. For us, qualities like 'friendly', 'courteous', 'efficient', 'precise', 'honest', 'ethical', 'adaptable', and 'knowledgeable' are not just words, but principles we live by.

At Maxtec, 'it's not my job' is a phrase you'll never hear. We believe every project is a collective responsibility. This means there's always someone ready to provide a solution or answer. We emphasize smart, safe work practices, and continually invest in training and development. With our team, achieving the extraordinary becomes the standard.

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