Wood & Metal Shakes


Metal Shake Roofing:

Metal shake tiles offer a lightweight and straightforward roofing solution with robust resistance to severe winds. Despite these advantages, the relatively higher cost, noise concerns, potential for denting, lack of R-value, thermal expansion, and limitations in cosmetic insurance coverage might deter consideration for metal shake roofing.

These roofing tiles mimic the appearance of welcoming cedar shake roofing but boast superior durability compared to cedar. Metal shake shingles are fire and insect-resistant, eliminating splitting concerns. Constructed from various metals and alloys like galvanized steel, galvalume steel, and stone-coated steel, metal cedar shakes closely resemble wood cedar shakes. They present an array of designs and color choices suitable for diverse architectural styles and designs.

Advantages of Metal Shake Roofing:

Wind Resistance:

Offering protection against severe winds and wind-driven rain during weather extremes such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Metal shake roofs possess a remarkable 140-mile per hour wind rating and can withstand gusts associated with category 4 hurricanes like Laura and Harvey. However, their wind resistance depends on correct installation techniques involving attachment methods and interlocking and overlapping panel systems.


Bringing financial benefits to builders and homeowners alike, these tiles are lighter, reducing shipping costs and making installation safer and more cost-effective compared to heavier roofing materials like concrete or clay. Weighing between 50 and 150 pounds per square, they eliminate the need for additional substructures, required by heavier options.

Simple Installation:

Their lightweight nature contributes to easy installation compared to heavier roofing tiles, reducing the risk of damage from unexpected severe weather events. Metal shake roofing is straightforward and quick to install, featuring panels or multiple-shingle sections in 12- and 36-inch sizes.

Synthetic Composite Cedar Shake Roofing Material:

Highly durable polyurethane-based roofing material replicating classic wood shake appearance, available in various widths. Exceptionally lightweight at just 170 pounds per square, fire-rated, and requiring no special tools or accessories during installation. Boasting a stunning depth and texture, it offers a 50-year lifetime limited material warranty.

Advantages of Wood Shakes:

Wood’s insulating properties make homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer due to its poor heat conduction. Resistant to wind damage, particularly cedar and redwood shakes, they enhance roof deck stability upon installation.

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