Drone Inspection Services

Maxtec Drone Pilots Conduct Professional Roof Inspections

At Maxtec, our team comprises certified FAA drone pilots dedicated to conducting comprehensive commercial roof inspections. We prioritize safety in all our aerial operations, strictly adhering to Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Our commitment to safety extends to our roof inspections, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations while employing cutting-edge drone technology. Equipped with top-tier cameras and sensors, our drones capture precise images and collect invaluable data from your commercial building’s rooftop.

Advantages of Opting for Maxtec in Your Commercial Inspections

Efficient, Secure, and Swift Roof Inspections Maxtec Roofing Group stands as the foremost selection for safe and efficient drone-based roof inspections in Florida. Our cutting-edge commercial drone inspections guarantee state-of-the-art, secure, rapid, and cost-efficient services.

Utilizing the latest advancements in drone technology, we conduct thorough roof inspections that generate precise and comprehensive reports outlining all commercial roof concerns.

Improved Safety: Eliminate the need for risky climbs up tall ladders or venturing onto hazardous roofs. Drones meticulously capture every aspect of your roof structure in a safe manner.

Precision in Reports: Our roof inspection reports are user-friendly, presenting detailed information and visual evidence regarding commercial roof concerns that impact on your peace of mind.

Aerial Roof Mapping and Schematics: Through our collaboration with Roofr, we harness satellite imagery to accurately compute vital roof data such as square footage, slope, linear dimensions, and other crucial specifics. Satellite-based measurements boast a remarkable 99% accuracy rate, simplifying your decision-making process.

Accelerated Outcome: Say goodbye to prolonged waits for roof inspections. Our drone-based inspections are swift and efficient, delivering prompt results to commercial property owners.

Cost Efficiency: Embracing drone inspections not only curtails expenses but also proves more economical than conventional methods involving ladders and scaffolding.

Tailored Solutions: Enjoy customization options by specifying flight paths and capturing images of targeted areas precisely as desired. Zoom functionalities offer enhanced control over inspection parameters.

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