Oscar Mestre

Oscar Mestre

Project Manager

Off. 561 386 4100 Mob. 561 352 4010

Oscar Mestre, Operations Manager at MAXTEC, where I oversee production and quality control within our processes and systems. Throughout my career in the roofing industry, I have acquired key skills that enable me to play an integral role in supervising and directing our company. I have a great ability to work comfortably in organizing, reviewing, and inspecting work on roofs and demanding environments, paying attention to detail and meeting deadlines. I possess advanced knowledge in the use of construction tools and equipment, as well as our company's procedures, including subcontracting practices. I am highly skilled in all aspects of waterproofing methods and have a personality that enables employees and customers to work together towards a common goal. Previously, I worked as a superintendent at a construction company, where I taught new recruits about getting started in the construction industry. At MAXTEC, my responsibilities span project planning and coordination, quality control supervision, personnel management, customer relationship development, and innovation and continuous improvement. I work closely with design, production, and installation teams, implementing rigorous quality standards and leading our workforces. I also collaborate with our sales and customer service teams to ensure that our solutions meet each client's specific needs, providing exceptional service and building strong, lasting relationships. My experience and dedication ensure that MAXTEC projects are carried out with the highest quality and efficiency, always guaranteeing customer satisfaction. I am proud to be part of a team that works passionately to provide superior roofing solutions and ensure the durability and performance of our installations.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Project Management: Effectively planning and coordinating roofing projects.
  • Leadership and Team Building: Motivating and guiding our teams for collaboration and success.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making: Addressing complex situations to ensure smooth project progress.

Member Skill

Years of Experience
Experience 98%
Waterproofing and Roofing Techniques
Techniques 90%
Roofing Project Management
Management 92%
Leadership and Teamwork
Leadership 93%

At our company, we know that success is built upon cultivating strong relationships with you, which is why we strive to establish a close and personal connection. We want you to become familiar with and relate to our team members, as we believe this is essential for building trust and loyalty, allowing us to create long-term partnerships. We take pride in creating a welcoming yet professional environment where you can feel comfortable and confident working with us. Our team is approachable, dedicated, and possesses the expertise needed to address your needs efficiently and effectively. We genuinely care about your needs and aim to provide exceptional service, exceeding your expectations. We value the balance between personal interaction and professional competence, as it is key to driving growth and prosperity for both our company and our clients. Thank you for choosing us and for placing your trust in our hands. We look forward to working together and demonstrating our commitment to your success.

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