Maxtec’s Comprehensive Guide to Laminate Shingle Installation

When it comes to roofing, Maxtec believes in both quality and precision. Laminate shingles, a top recommendation from Maxtec, are a testament to our commitment to excellence. But how do you ensure a flawless installation? Dive into Maxtec’s step-by-step guide and elevate your roofing game.

1. Maxtec’s Emphasis on Proper Installation: At Maxtec, we stress the importance of adhering to published installation guidelines for laminate shingles. By following building codes and local amendments, you’re ensuring a roof that stands the test of time.

2. Preparing the Roof Deck with Maxtec: Before any shingle touches your roof, ensure the deck is solid and primed. Maxtec offers detailed substrate preparation guidelines, ensuring a strong foundation for your shingles.

3. Underlayment – Maxtec’s Shield of Protection: An essential layer between your shingles and the roof deck, underlayment is your roof’s unsung hero. Maxtec recommends the Secure Choice System, a testament to our commitment to quality. For a hands-on guide, check out our Secure Choice System video.

4. Maxtec’s Revolutionary Starter Shingles: Our Smart Start starter shingles are designed for efficiency and protection. With the ability to separate lengthwise, you get double the value and enhanced protection against potential water damage.

5. Maxtec’s Expert Installation Tips:

  • Eaves and Rake Edges: Maxtec advises installing starter shingles on both eaves and rake edges. This ensures a polished look and superior wind resistance.
  • Fastening: Depending on your location, use four to six fasteners per shingle. With Maxtec’s guidance, ensure each nail is perfectly placed.
  • The Zone Advantage: Our laminate shingles come with ‘The Zone’, ensuring every nail hits its mark.

6. Setting the Perfect Pattern with Maxtec: Begin with a full-length shingle and adjust for subsequent courses. This diagonal pattern, recommended by Maxtec, guarantees a roof that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

7. Maxtec’s Ridge Shingles – The Crowning Glory: As you approach the finish line, it’s time for ridge shingles. With options ranging from low to high-profile, Maxtec caters to every homeowner’s unique taste.

Roofing is an art, and with Maxtec’s expert guidance on laminate shingle installation, you’re set for success. From the foundational underlayment to the final ridge shingle, trust Maxtec to illuminate the path to a durable and beautiful roof. Ready to redefine roofing? Choose Maxtec.

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